The InsightAi??program allows producers to diversify the way they manage price risk by utilizing innovative cash grain contracts.

Select your advisorai??i??Choose one or all four:

ai??? No futures account or margin calls required

ai??? Reduce the emotion involved in marketing grain

ai??? Basis to be established on or before shipmentai??i??according to your local participating elevatorai??i??s policy

ai??? No up-front fees ai??i?? investment is withheld from final settlement within a cash grain contract

ai??? You choose the analyst you wish to work with

ai??? Monthly Newsletter

ai??? Each Analyst sale is reported to you

These products price 100% of enrolled bushels by mid September of the selected crop year. Our carefully selected experts will alert you when they make a sale and explain the amount hedged along with the fundamental and/or technical reasons behind their actions.


ai??i??An innovative cash grain contract that allows you to choose between AgriVisor, Doane and ProFarmer to price grain on your behalf for fall shipment. Click here for performance


ai??i??Consider selling in small 5 or 10 percent increments up to 30% of yourAi??APHAi??or your guaranteed level of coverage for revenue based crop insurance by adding Crossover Solutions to help add discipline and diversity to your agricultural marketing plan.

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